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Liquid Power is a power washing and pressure washing contractor in Santa Barbara serving a complete range of clients including large and small commercial areas as well as residential properties. Our industrial scale collection of equipment allows us to complete projects of any scale, and our hot water infused power washing method gives us the ability to remove a variety of debris and materials in fine detail while cleansing and sanitizing the surfaces around your property.

Best Power Washing in Santa Barbara and Ventura

Power washing and pressure washing services are often provided as an afterthought or a supplementary service by painters, window washers, or other types of service and construction contractors. These contractors may mean well, but because power washing isn't the core of their business, they haven't invested in the industrial scale equipment like Liquid Power. Having the best equipment is only part of the equation though. Power washing and pressure washing is our area of specialization. We've developed an intelligent and effective series of workflows and procedures to ensure that debris and residue is aggressively removed while protecting your property and sanitizing each surface in the process. This level of power washing and pressure washing can't be achieved with the small scale equipment availabe to consumers and used by companies providing pressure washing as an add-on service. Top level equipment in the hands of specialists results in the best power washing service available.