Surfaces and Materials.
Power Washing and Pressure Washing.

Surfaces and Materials Cleaned by Power Washing | Liquid Power Santa Barbara and Ventura

A skilled power washing expert is able to restore a large range of surfaces and materials using a strategically selected level of pressure and cold or hot water. The final result of any pressure washing project comes down to the skill of the individual and the capabilities of their equipment. The following is an overview of some common surfaces and materials that can be washed by Liquid Pro:

Brick Walls and Decks

Brick is a beautiful material that can last for decades. Over time, depending on the location and exposure of the brick surface, it can become discolored or covered in all manner of residues. Brick is safe to power wash, but if a pressure washer is not careful they can erode away at the bricks, damage the mortar, and compromise the integrity of the brick surface. We understand how to restore brick without compromising the surface.

Concrete and Pavement

Concrete is one of the most commonly washed surfaces. It is extremely durable and naturally receives power washing very well. Grease, oil, petroleum, wax, paint - we can restore concrete and protect the structure of the surface.

Natural Stone

Natural stone has a large range of applications and stone types, from very hard stones like granite and marble to softer stones like limestone. How the stone surface is built also affects the approach to cleaning it, depending on how stone tiles are cut and configured, whether mortar is used to bind tiles, and more. We understand how to carefully power wash stone while preserving its natural beauty.


Wood can be the siding of natural stylized home, the surface of a deck, or some component of a physical feature around your home. We understand how to assess wood features including wood type and finish, and pressure wash without stripping the wood of its natural barriers. Restored and washed wood is one of the most beautiful results of our work.


Many homes in Santa Barbara have stucco surfaces on the outside walls. Stucco can absolutely be safely pressure washed. Due to the nature of stucco, we carefully inspect the surface of any stucco walls to verify there are no peeling, soft, or deteriorated areas which could potentially be damaged by power washing. Stucco is a material that naturally accumulated dirt, smoke, mud, and other debris, particularly during wet or humid seasons.

Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor furniture can be found using different materials including glass, metal, wood, wicker, and fabric. Because Santa Barbara is naturally windy, outdoor furniture accumulates general dust which sticks to the furniture and causes people to avoid sitting on chairs or using tables. We’re very careful when washing furniture and understand to use lower pressure settings to protect your items.

Painted Surfaces

Painted surfaces can be power washed, but an expert is needed to ensure that the paint is not stripped off of its surface. Special consideration also has to be given to any areas which might contain lead paint because that is a health hazard. Santa Barbara has many older homes, and even if they’ve been painted recently with lead free paint, there could be underlying layers of old lead based paint.

Surface by Surface Approach

Our two goals for each pressure washing project are to protect and preserve every surface while working to remove all debris and restore the beauty of the natural surface. Our practice is to observe every fine detail of each project and use a washing process that is specially developed for the surface, material, debris, and scenario at hand. This practice combined with our high level of skill and top end equipment allows us to produce the best pressure washing results in Santa Barbara.