Commercial Power Washing.
Santa Barbara and Ventura.

Commercial Power Washing | Santa Barbara

We provide comprehensive power washing, pressure washing, and surface cleaning services for commercial properties in Santa Barbara. Liquid Power Pro has the industrial scale equipment and resources to address the debris and dirt that is common in commercial locations including oil, paint, and graffiti. Establishing a clean, beautiful property is an important part of representing your business, and we understand that power washing is as much about sanitation and cleanliness as it is about your customers and clients experience a respectful presentation of your business.

Pressure Washing for A Range of Commercial Properties and Businesses

Part of providing high level power washing and pressure washing services is being able to adapt to any project. Our cleaning services can be applied to any business type and physical property configuration including attached storefronts, stand alone buildings, medium scale retail such as supermarkets, shopping centers, car dealerships, as well as large scale power washing projects such as multi-level parking structures.

Types of Materials Removed

The location of your commercial property and the nature of your business naturally reflect the kinds of debris and materials that accumulate on the surfaces around your property. Fuel stations and parking structures collect petroleum based materials which deposit hydrocarbons throughout your property. For these projects our industrial scale equipment is able to thoroughly wash these difficult to clean materials which lower powered cleaning equipment can’t. Schools, restaurants, and shops accumulate a more general collection of dirt, debris, food waste, trash, and other materials. Our crew aggressively works to eradicate these materials from your commercial property. Common material removal includes:

  • Paint
  • Rust
  • Gum
  • Oil, Gas, and Petroleum Products
  • Residue from Evaporated Beverages
  • Residue from Trash
  • Residue from Food
  • Tire Marks
  • Animal Waste
  • Dried Mud
  • Clay
  • Plant Waste
  • Natural Residues and Other Materials