Liquid Power Pressure Washing continues cleanup in Santa Barbara, Montecito and Ventura after the fire and flooding

by Zak Remington Owner/Operator

Liquid Power Pressure Washing has been working hard to rid our community of fire ash, dirt and debris caused by the recent fire and flooding. We are busy cleaning one home and business at a time and finding how prevalent and invasive the ash and soot from the fire still is. It takes consistent pressure and proper heat to eliminate the health hazards created from the fire ash. Liquid Power Pressure Washing is a professional exterior cleaning company who specializes in the cleanup and removal of ash, dust,dirt and debris following these recent events. We are finding that attempts to clean without proper equipment and a professional operator are unsuccessful and necessary to do again. Time, rain and wind will not properly cleanup our environment, it takes professionals like Liquid Power Pressure Washing. Please call for a free estimate today!